The Studio

As Newport Beach’s influential boatbuilding legacy dwindles, Slightly Choppy finds inspiration from the Old Salts and their maritime folklore.

Tucked away in what was once a bustling location for nautical craftsmanship is the Slightly Choppy studio. Inspired by Newport Beach’s old time mariners, the studio is perched in what was once a sail manufacturing loft where tinkering is of the norm and new life is given to old ideas.

Strewn with surf artifacts, collections worth their salt and inspiration a plenty the studio is somewhat victory at sea yet passionately productive. It is a place anchored in originality while radiating the Slightly Choppy aesthetic. Embracing the imperfections versus trying to be exact, everything is hand done, worn out, a little off…it’s Slightly Choppy.

"Everything that I've every made or found or bargained for is here in this space. It brings joy and helps set the tone for what is to come."

As Slightly Choppy continues to create, the studio remains respectful of its rich nautical history, befitting the joyous memories of coastal living, and honoring the traditional craftsmanship of shipwrights prior.


The surrounding area has a strong influence on what is made here.