Aloha Flag


The Hawaiian word Aloha is not just a simple hello or good-bye, it's a way life and to share love, peace, and compassion. 

This hand-made flag uses a royal blue canvas with aqua blue hand-screen print. Each flag is topped with a natural twine + twill tape and stamped with Slightly Choppy branding.

Colors: Royal and aqua blue

Size: 12" x 20", give or take...

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ALOHA all day longq

My piece is very close to the representation in the pictures, but the handmade quality makes it one of a kind. Slight variations from what you see here, but you can trust the photos are a 99% representation of what you’ll get. I went back and forth for a long time on whether this would be worth the money. I look at this thing every day in my office and am warmed by an object that is the exact opposite of text on a computer screen. Craftspeople and artists need to make a living - if it’s cheap, it wasn’t made by hand (or maybe it was made by really tiny hands if you know what I mean).

Michelle R
Even better in person

We love our Aloha Flag! The craftsmanship is as beautiful as the colors! Go get yours now!

Chris DeJong


Mark Mendelis
Awesome little flag.

Love this flag! High-quality construction with a Wes Anderson type charm.

Drew Jackson
Great Flag. Great Seller.

It really ties the room together.

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